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Cheer Game Rules

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  1. No stunt or pyramids shall be higher than 2 persons.

  2. No Tucks or flips of any kind with the exception of self-propelled tumbling.

  3. No seat, knee, or body drops directly onto floor/ground.

  4. Back spotters are required for all stunts. Must be hands on at all time.

  5. Front spotters are required for all stunts higher than a thigh stand but can be removed at the discretion of the Head Coach. Spotters must remain in position until the dismount is complete.

  6. Mighty Mites: Thigh/Waist Level Stand. Single leg stunts allowed at thigh/waist level. Back spotter and basers must always have hands on flyer.

    Division 1: Prep Level Stunts. Single leg stunts at prep level braced. Cradle dismount at the discretion of the Cheer Director.

    Division 2: Extension level stunts. Single leg stunts at prep level. Floor level inversions.


    Division 3: Extension level stunts. Single leg stunts at prep level. Single leg stunts at extension level braced. Prep level inversions. Basket Tosses Will be allowed at the discretion of the Town Cheer Director ELEVATOR TOSSES, AND SIMILAR MULTI-BASED TOSSES ARE PROHIBITED

  8. All release moves other than a straight ride cradle and leapfrog are prohibited. (A flyer must always remain in contact with at least 2 of the original stunt group. A tic toc within a pyramid is allowed provided it is braced on both sides by complete preps.

  9. The total number of twists in a dismount from a stunt cannot be greater than one rotation and is limited to Division 3.

  10. NO stunting or tumbling during rain or on muddy ground. No stunting on hard surfaces.

  11. Coaches or Junior coaches are not allowed to participate in stunting other than at practice

  12. All Tumbling must be self-propelled, hand to floor contact with the highest element being a back tuck. There is no tumbling after a back tuck. In general, all tumbling is at the discretion of the Cheer Director but may not exceed the above levels.


Each town will provide a safe, convenient area to cheer, free from fan interference. All teams must be ready to go within 15 minutes of the start of the game and must be on the field prior to coin toss.

  1. The home team will welcome the visiting team with a Hello Cheer first, then the visiting team will do their Hello Cheer.

  2. A coach, not a junior coach, will travel with the team during the Hello Cheer.

  3. Half time shall be shared by both cheer teams. The visiting team will use the field first for their routine. Each team's performance should not exceed 2:30 minutes. Each team will watch each other's performance, cheer and support each other.

  4. Remaining time at half time will be spent with coach regrouping for the next half of the game.

  5. No trips to the concession stand or wandering the field during the game or half-time. Eating in uniform is highly discouraged by OCYFL but will remain under the discretion of the individual town Cheer Director.

  6. During an injury of a player of either team all cheerleaders will stop and take a knee while the player is administered to.

  7. A cheerleader's job is not only to cheer, it's to observe the game, get involved, and know where their team stands.

  8. Rain or shine, all squads cheer at all games.

  9. At the completion of the game, congratulatory handshakes will be done Prior to any traditional spiriting. Cheerleaders will line up behind Football Players for all handshakes then proceed with after game activities. ALL CHEERLEADERS WILL PARTICIPATE IN CONGRATULATORY HANDSHAKES.

Revised March 2021
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